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Eva Kowalski is an adventurous multi-cultural bird (and by bird we mean human and by human we mean rockstar and by rockstar we mean literary rockstar) with skills ranging from copywriting to blogging to humor writing to whatever form of writing humanly imaginable.

As a celebrity copywriter she has produced copy for the websites of Lauren Conrad, Tori Spelling (ediTORIal), Alicia Silverstone (The Kind Life), Michelle Phan, Elizabeth Banks, Denise Richards, Molly Sims, JWoww, JLO, healthybitch.com, and Elle & Blair.

In the world of Public Relations, Eva has crafted more than 200 press releases for the U.S. Navy Training Support Center in Great Lakes, Illinois, which were printed in numerous online publications and civilian websites including LexisNexis, About.com and Harvard University JFK School of Government.

Eva began her media career as a journalist in Sydney, Australia for the Liverpool Champion and then continued to write for the Chicago Sun and Beacon News before moving to Los Angeles and pursuing a career in advertising, copywriting and social media.


Location:  Los Angeles, CA. USA
Phone:  Best to start with email.
Status:  Contact me to find out.



Social Media and Web Campaigns are where it's at, and I'm at the forefront of knowing trends and what it takes to sell anything online.


Whether you need a video promo or a high-production commercial I'm your gal. From storyboard to finish.


Have the latest fashion campaign with gorgeous photography and no idea what to write next to it? I am your solution.

Ad Genius

It's not easy to sell and it's even harder if you can only do it in a few words, but in my mind, less is more. I bring more.


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