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An Endless Array of Color and Choice

Fashion is forever changing and evolving, which makes it hard to keep up with all the trends. How do you discover your style when you don’t even know the full extent of what’s out there?

Well, with Julep you can. Julep affords you the freedom to experiment and explore because Julep creates nail colors and beauty products to help women break free from their comfort zones and try new things. Julep also stays ahead of the trends for you. To take advantage, just join the Julep Maven program and get exclusive access to the latest shades every month.

As part of the Julep Maven Program, you start with a fun style quiz to identify your end of the style spectrum. Are you more of a trendsetter who leans towards the wild and crazy colors and designs or do you prefer to stick to the classics like pinks and reds?

Once your style profile is set, each month you’ll get a preview of your Julep Maven Box specific to your particular style. If you feel a new phase coming on you can always switch up your style profile or add to your box. There’s never any obligation to buy and you can cancel anytime. So get color smart and hop on the nail art bandwagon today.

Watch this video to learn more about Julep:

Here’s another reason to become a member – FREE SHIPPING and a 20% OFF DISCOUNT on polish and products in the exclusive Maven Boutique.

Exclusive to Lauren Conrad readers, when you become a Maven member today you get your first month for $9.99 (that’s HALF PRICE) and two free polishes. Just use promo code LAUREN. Join HERE

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